information graphic about oil (thumb)

Numbers About Oil in the World

Considering that this infographic is about oil, the grey and brownish colors work very for it very well. They are colors that can, however, make…

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cool data visualizations about nursing (thumb)

Facts About Registered Nurse Employment

The title of this infographic is splashed on it in such a way that it can’t be missed. Even before reading, though the presentation, the…

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CPF inforgraphics (thumb)

Is CPF Investing for You?

This infographic is done with very dull colors which are not at all attractive to the eye. Not many people would be attracted enough to…

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infograhics about life insurance (thumb)

What’s the Best Use of a Life Insurance?

This infographic is short probably because the fonts are tight together and small in size. Whereas this design probably works for the size, it robs…

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info graphs about cjr (thumb)

Some Facts and Stats About CJR

Unless you know what CJR is all about, it is not that easy to grasp what the infographic is all about. The title is however…

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interesting data visualization about salary (thumb)

Stats and Facts about Salary

This infographic is a crisp and concise representation of a survey which, otherwise, is very quantitative and time-consuming to analyse. Below is a brief analysis…

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