Words and Phrases you can Use on your Essay

Essay Infographic

This infographic uses a simple yet striking design to pass its message across. It does not come out as screaming where it has an important message to pass across. This is a huge plus as most other infographics miss this point. One look at the info graphic and you immediately know what it is all about.

What It Shows

It is always nice when you finally get to understand something you initially thought of as complex. Take essay writing for instance, which is what the work is all about.  First off, you understand the basics. This is captured as the first thing that appears in bold –‘USEFUL WORDS AND PHRASES’. The text is anchored by another text in a clear font ‘FOR TOP NOTICE ESSAYS’. This one grabs attention with ease and makes one want to read on. To that extent alone, the color mixing as well as the text font stand out as impressive.

Why Its good

Like hinted, the color mixing is on point. Choice of fonts is something to marvel at too. In a nutshell, this stands out as one of those rare and hard to come by infographics that are ‘almost perfect’. Scroll down and you get to notice how the blue and sunny yellow colors have been mixed well. There is a little but of white and light blue too used where the texts are smaller.

What it misses

Color mixing is perfect but one can’t help but wonder why sunny yellow has been used or rather mixed with blue for a piece that calls out for essay writing. This makes it seem too promotional. Turquoise blue and a ‘school’ like colors such as maroon or navy blue would be perfect. There are no other major issues as far as alignment of letters and aesthetics are concerned.

awesome data visualization about essaysSource: essaypro.com