Why Game Based Learning Will Make Your Child Smarter

The aim of this infographic is to present the concept of game based learning and its benefits, as well as the present and future of learning in game based learning. It tries to explain how game based learning can support children’s education and growth. The clean format that is used throughout, combined with its modern design, make it appealing to the eye of the reader. At the same time, the use of fun and colorful pictures, graphs and eye-catching titles, combined with the use of easy-to-read fonts on contrasting backgrounds, add to its readability and allow for a quick and easy access to all the information presented.

A big title and a clever relevant image at the top succeed in catching the reader’s attention and encouraging them to read further. Moving on, one can learn what game based learning is about, and how it can help promote analytical thinking, logical reason, language learning and team spirit. The images placed in this section help the reader visualize and memorize the ways in which game based learning can support children’s education. The difference between game based learning and gamification is emphasized next, with the help of a contrasting frame and embellishing images.

Right under, one can find five benefits of game based learning, that are presented with the use of five interesting statistics in short texts and five colorful, accompanying images. In the last part, the reader can find some more interesting statistics that aim at explaining how game based learning is the present and future of learning. The use of graphs and colorful subheadings allow for quickly and easily going through all information presented.

In general, this infographic has an excellent layout and look-and-feel, and it succeeds in passing on the required information in an engaging way.

infographic about game based learning

Source: https://www.lidolearning.com/blog/why-game-based-learning-will-make-your-child-smarter/