What to Expect from a MBA Programme

This is a detailed and content rich infographic covering almost everything anyone would want to know at a glance alone. It is pretty simple and at parts, below its own standard.

Such a simple design. It feels really easy to glide across content and understand content context. The reader can effortlessly understand one section from another and it the arrangement feels really clean and assuring.

The content is well informative. It doesn’t look like they’ve missed anything that they didn’t want to convey. Everything is right in there. Through the pages, it might feel like they’ve tried to put in more than what was possible, the reader could blame it on the technical side.

The colors used in here are really out of the world. For once, they don’t really complement each other. The colors used appear to be just random selections from around the spectrum. There is no sync to it. Though the White and Orange stands out quite well against the dark grey background, the rest of the colors actually put their arrangement to shame.

All content follow a similar size with just a few variations. The important points don’t actually stand out and the reader would have to spend some time hunting for what is being conveyed at each point.

The colors doing its work all around did a real bad job of it. Now it actually looks like someone had fun mixing the colors of the poster throughout. The background and the white text did do a good deal to make it simple and bring attention to precise parts.Overall Analysis:
It does convey what it has to say in a very neat and elegant way. The only downside being the colors going rogue around. The content and the design worked perfectly in conveying the statistics.

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Source: statementofpurposeformba.com