Tips On How to Write an Exam Story

This infographic is a detailed write-up of almost everything that a kid needing to write a short story in their exam might need. There are a few tips to extensive explanations about how best to do stuff the right way and how to create the right content that could hold the reader.

While the page is right about creating interest with the content you have, it has to develop in terms of the design that is going to keep the reader interested and reading further. After all, nowadays people care more about appeal than the actual content inside.

The design is quite quirky with its blue and white chess board pattern. The font appears to be small and the titles too big as compared to them. The content is really elaborate and conveys almost everything there might be to know. The clipart is pretty good, but it might look quite different at each point. There’s not a lot of uniformity in each of the clipart used and it looks quite strange.

There is an abstract flow of content that has been conveyed to the reader through a dotted line throughout the page. This, however follows an abstract right to left order. Although the design of the dotted line and circling of the text elements with the line to create a content flow appeal could have been improved as it looks a bit scrawny with the large width of the line and the bulky appearance that doesn’t really suit it. The blue and white checkerboard could actually get eyes on this work, but how long the reader might stay interested has to be debated on.

Overall this is good kind of work that has more in content than in design. Although it might draw attention due to its checkerboard background that is quite flashy.