Sentence Fragments and Run-Ons: How to Correct These Common Errors Like a Pro

This infographic is about sentence fragments and run-ons. More specifically, it presents some helpful information and tips on how one can avoid these common errors.

Layout and Design

At the top, one can see an eye-catching heading and a subheading that introduce the topic under discussion. One can also see a big picture of a woman studying, as well as a smaller one of a document with some red marks indicating errors.

The information on the artwork is split in two different sections. And each one of them includes two parts that are introduced with a relevant heading at the top.

In the first part of the first section, the reader can find some interesting facts about sentence fragments. Each one of them is presented inside a frame.

In its second part, the reader can find 7 secrets on turning a fragment into a complete sentence, in the form of a numbered list. These 7 secrets contain an example of an error and its correct version.

A big picture of a man studying separates the second section from the first one.

The second section starts with some interesting facts about run-ons. These are once again placed inside frames. It moves on with 7 rules on fixing run-on sentences, that are also presented in the form of a numbered list.


The color palette that is used makes the artwork very appealing. At the same time, the easy-to-read fonts and the straight-forward structure help one quickly and easily navigate through all information.

Moreover, the frames, numbers, pictures and other elements, together with the blank spaces left in-between, further boost the artwork’s readability.


The simple layout and modern look-and-feel make the infographic friendly to the eye of the reader, and allow for them to easily access all information.

infographic about sentence fragments and run-ons