Room Dividers for Educational Purposes

This infographic includes information about room dividers and how they can be useful in an educational environment. More specifically, it presents some of the benefits an educational environment can gain from the use of room dividers.


The design of the artwork allows for the reader to quickly understand that the topic that is presented is related to school.

One of the first things one notices, which implies an educational environment, is the background with the notebooks, scissors, pens and other relevant elements. Then, there also is the image of a whiteboard and the one of a painting.

One of the fonts that is used and the fact that it is placed on a dark background also reminds us of some handwriting on a blackboard.


The layout is very simple. At the top, one can find an eye-catching heading, which introduces the topic under discussion.

Right below, one can see a short paragraph that further explains the subject and the rising popularity of room dividers in schools.

Moving on, the reader can find 4 benefits of room dividers. According to the infographic, they are portable, they can be used as education tools, they are foldable and they can be effectively used as displays for art projects.

These benefits are presented in the form of a numbered list. Although there is a little mistake in the numbering, this structure helps the reader quickly go through all information.

Each one of the benefits is presented with a heading, a short explanatory paragraph and a relevant embellishing image.


The fonts that are used throughout are easy-to-read and add to the artwork’s educational look and feel. The fact that all texts are carefully placed on contrasting backgrounds make the artwork friendly to the eye of the reader.

At the same time, the frames, headings and images add to the infographic’s readability.

infographic about room dividers and their educational use