How to Write a Nursing Essay

This is a neat piece of work with a very bold header that totally stands out. It does well to create an impression, but the colors used at the top seem too dark to be able to comprehend much at a quick glance.

The document goes on about nursing and requirements that need to be met to continue nursing in Australia. It also gives a good collection of facts and figures about the various aspects of nursing that interested readers would want to know.

The design is okay, it isn’t too much or too low, but even though the design is implemented in a simple and strong manner, the layout of the various elements in the document makes it look cramped up into a small space and makes it look congested.

The reader could easily feel a sense of disorientation across the text as the headers are aligned on either side of the page and this looks awkward in some sense. This is not quite a good thing for the document as it irritates some readers and disorients the mind in a minor way.

The document continues on to give some other figures of comparison between Australia and UK in terms of nursing opportunities and statistics. It also provides details about the kind of work or activity you would be involved in as a nurse.

The layout is poorly fitted and gives the document a really cramped up emotion. The document does not have quite a medicinal look at one sense at all. This could affect the first part of every poster, the part where the infographic grabs attention of the reader. This page would do hardly well to catch the attention of the ideal reader.

Overall, this is an okay piece of work that focuses on opportunities and activities about nursing with poor layout and fine colors.

nursing practice infographic