How Much is Too Much of Content Similarity?

The infographic explains features about an apparent product that the reader might not actually be all that familiar about. To a reader who has no idea about such technologies as the ones that are explained in this poster, the reader wouldn’t make head or tail about what was actually meant to be conveyed in here. The design is quite straightforward and sticks to the dark blue background. Emphasis given is really abstract in this piece of work as most of the elements in this review stand out quite strongly but not everything is all that clear. Different sections are passively labelled. This creates a lack of sense of direction among the readers of this illustration.

The colors are dull with a slight peak here and there for some of the contents that appear quite interesting are placed. Although this could have been provided to the section headings more strongly as they seem pretty left out in all of the other things going on in the page.

The spacing of content throughout the page is quite constricted. This has the effect of making the page look more constipated.

There are little illustrations used and even the content that has some illustrations in them feel quite restricted or completely out of context that they would have been done better without the illustrations. The complete idea of the page in this piece of work is still really ambiguous and any common place reader will have a hell of a hard time figuring out what this page is actually all about as there is little description provided anywhere in the whole of the page that actually describes in the smallest way about what the whole product is all about.

Overall this is a below average piece of work which explains a product in quite an abstract way with limited designing and illustration.

Content similarity infographic