Guide to Study SoP Abroad

This infographic is quite a straightforward piece of work intended for students aspiring to study abroad. It details some of the fact and tips about study abroad and focuses on the Statement of Purpose which it intends to sell to its customers.

The document is simple and bold. It’s got Bold headers that consist of block tiles that emphasize the headers and titles in a uniform fashion through the text. Although the headers could have made more emphatic by having a bolder feel to it.

The background consists of an off-white maroon-ish shade that goes well with the bold and deep Maroon headers which punctuate the plain background at every section start.

The content explains in quite some detail about a short list of procedures involved in obtaining a study abroad. It also gives particular emphasis on the part where you write the Statement of Purpose as they hope to help with their expert help. This could be quite misguiding for colleges to find the right sort of students. Thereby this does make this a false practice in some sense.

The design and layout of the document, however are truly very interesting and convey a lot of meaning in very quick and in a manner that is very simple and easy to understand. With all that going on, it’s quite hard to miss the obvious point, this is some real deal that is luring kids into their business.

With little work and effective impact on the readers, this is quite an interesting infographic that achieves much with little effort. It has to be given over to the design and layout. If it provided more important and relevant content in its sections, this document sure would have made some good difference for the student aspiring to study abroad and elsewhere.

sop studying infographic