Guide on Essay Writing

The infographic is a neatly done piece of perfection that tends to the various elements of its content in a well descriptive and sufficient manner.

The design is as simple as it ought to be and stands out just in places where it needs to shine. A fine blend of power and simplicity can be observed in the overall design of this document. This helps to keep the document mellow and smooth. The background gray is quite a smooth color option and gives the entire document a smooth and pale finish. The layout is quite good enough and small mishaps are compensated by effective design techniques. This is quite a complementary piece of work.

The content focuses on language and writing with a small bit about how Canadian English is different from American English.

The illustrations also stick to that simplicity that has been already brought to notice by the design and this helps in making this document all the more attractive as well as drawing attention to the text pertaining to each visual piece of highlight.

The color schemes used in here are quite ambient and provide an overall sense of belonging and relationship between each of the elements in the document. The gray, the dark gray, the dark green, dark shades of different flavors and an occasional highlighted text or word does the document justice by bringing attention to the right set of words that has the potential to convey the message to the readers. This color scheme helps the reader to differentiate between different contexts an understand sections easier.

The font is apt and makes it visually easy for any reader to adjust to the ambience.

Overall, this is a neat piece of work utilizing simple and effective design strategies and proper color grading to create an easily readable document.

essay writing infographic