Where Can You Work as a Culinary Pro?

The vivid colors used for this infographic make it quite attractive. It’s a combination of beautiful blue, pink, yellow and brown and other tones that together create a presentation that the eyes love dancing over. Apart from the carefully selected colors, what is striking about the graphic is that it has huge images and fonts. The title comes with a matching image of a chef holding a steamy plate of what must be a delicious meal. The same level of quality and relevant images are repeated in every section of this presentation.

Just like the title, the subtitles talk more about what the culinary industry has to offer and it even directs those interested in taking the culinary arts training program. It is definitely designed for interested students and every section goes to give details about what to expect from the industry. With the information included, it is easy for the interested individuals at least enter into the program with a clear vision of what they would wish to be.

In general, this infographic is designed huge, so it is very easy to read and peruse. The images included are basically the tools of the trade, which makes them very relevant to the topic. It is easy to tell one section from another and one subtitle to the other. The information included is just enough in the sense that it does not end up overwhelming the presentation and it also doesn’t lose the interest of the reader. Those interested in becoming food service managers, caterers, bakers and chefs as well as line cooks will find the graphic quite helpful. By the time one finishes reading through, they are ready to take the next step which is checking out the training program in culinary arts.

graphic chart about culinary jobs

Source: dorsey.edu