Best Majors for Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse

Zombie Apocalypse? While the name may have us stalling for a second, it’s a concept all of us are familiar with, thanks to prominent Hollywood movies and TV series. Zombie Apocalypse is a fancy term for a zombie outbreak. Usually an air borne virus infects the human immunity system, making them emulate the living dead. What it brings about is mayhem and chaos, with the zombies spreading the virus further either by biting living things (animals and humans) or eating them. When such a tragedy strikes, a nation is always shown to be clueless, with its people running around like headless chicken, to be finally chewed down by zombies and be resurrected as one of them.

While movies always show that military intervention finally stops the zombie epidemic restoring order to society, the smart education system of today can also provide the students with the abilities to combat a zombie apocalypse by giving its youth the necessary education in such domains that will help them control the situation.

The infographic demonstrates that colleges offering majors in subjects like Epidemiology, Military Strategy, Animal Husbandry, Culinary services or Mechanical Engineering would find means of thwarting zombie attacks. It harps on the words choose wisely and be safe so that the youth feel inspired to acquire skills that will enable them to survive during zombie attacks and stop the virus from spreading. They can also put preventive measures in place so more people won’t run wild with the zombie virus.

The infographic tells us about how each one of those 5 majors would be appropriate to devise a survival strategy for society when collided with a zombie situation. By using words like organized, prepared and safe, the infographic deftly manages to drive the point home.

By providing brief descriptions of the features each course offers, the infographic does a brilliant job of helping students identify with a possible real life scenario and how their education in zombie majors could help them act as a messiah.