All You Should Know About Prepositions

This infographic is a useful guide on how to use prepositions flawlessly. It includes some interesting facts about prepositions, the key grammar rules, as well as the most common and the most uncommon cases.


The colors of the artwork are pleasant and appealing to the reader. At the same time, it includes several embellishing elements, which give it a fresh look and feel.


The layout is straight-forward. At the top, the reader can find an eye-catching heading and a subheading that further explains the topic under discussion. Right below, one can see a relevant embellishing image.

In the section that follows, the reader can find a list of seven fun facts about prepositions. Each one of them is presented with a short phrase and an explanatory short paragraph inside a frame.

The next section includes the most unusual cases. For every preposition, there is a dialogue bubble with their meaning.

Moving on, the reader can find two lists of the one-word prepositions and the complex prepositions that one should memorize.

The golden grammar rules are presented right below in the form of a numbered list. All references are found at the bottom part of the artwork.


The colors and elements, as well as the easy-to-read fonts that are used throughout make the artwork friendly to the eye of the reader.

The simple layout, with the frames, numbered lists, eye-catching headings and subheadings, actually encourages the reader to read on.

At the same time, the blank spaces in-between further boost the artwork’s readability.

Final Thoughts

The infographic is simple yet very appealing. Its structure allows for the reader to quickly and easily access the information that is presented.

infographic on how to use prepositions properly