Working from Home: The New Normal?

The subject of the infographic is about working from home due to the COVID-19 pandemic that has hit the world. More specifically, it aims at describing the impact COVID-19 has had on businesses and the benefits of working from home due to the pandemic. Furthermore, it aims at providing information on how someone can help their staff be productive while working from home.

The design has a modern touch and the layout is straight-forward. The creator has chosen to use a lot of images, graphs, frames, pictograms and other embellishing elements throughout. All of them are carefully selected and placed. This definitely helps in maintaining consistency in both the design and the layout and making the content engaging. Moreover, all these elements make the artwork friendlier to the eye and help the reader navigate through the information that is presented more easily.

Working from home is strongly related to the use of computers and technology. One of the most commonly used colors in graphic design for technology-related artworks is blue, which is the main color here. The eye-catching title found on top – in combination with the virus images that imply the COVID-19 pandemic – help the reader quickly understand the topic under discussion.

The information provided is divided into three sections. Each one of them is visually separated from the previous and next one with the use of an eye-catching heading on top and a different shade of blue as a background color. Each section includes different subsections in a simple, reader-friendly layout, with the use of subheadings, several embellishing elements and as little text as possible. The easy-to-read fonts that are used throughout further add to the readability.

In conclusion, the appealing look-and-feel and the straight-forward layout encourage the reader to engage with the infographic, despite the volume of the information that is presented throughout.

infographic about working from home