What Is SEO?

With the advent of social media comes a fundamental shift in how businesses advertise and increase brand recognition. Moving towards an online model, SEO, or search engine optimization has expanded into an entire industry filled with algorithm research, professionals, and even explanatory infographics. Simply put, SEO is about getting relevancy and authority for your brand through practicing intelligent front and back end product support.

A majority of individuals are now using search engines to find local businesses as well as national/international services. The closer a business is to the top of the page for web results, the greater chance a customer will click it on. Rarely do people go to the second or third page of their browser when looking for a service. So, the closer to the #1 spot your business appears for a targeted search relating to your business, the greater the chance you will get online business. Along with search engine optimization, SEO can also refer to improving and increasing your public profile through social media, using tried and true methods for increasing your followers.

As any infographic will suggest, one of the best ways to improve SEO for your website is to pay more attention to how your website is set up. For example, the logo, page title, website architecture, meta descriptions, images, and media can all be enhanced to be more easily found by search engine algorithms responsible for generating the list. Given the complexity of SEO and the fact that search engine algorithms are not perfect, there is some room for black hat techniques that look to exploit the system. While things like blog spam, link farms, and paid links may provide temporary gains, search engines like Google are quick to penalize you for using them. In the end, what works to the best is in redesigning the front and back end of your website to make it as friendly to searches as possible.

Infographic on what is SEOSource: Digitrio