What About Doing Business from a Van?

Indeed a very long info graphic. Here is a critical analysis of the graphic discussing the various factors affecting it. Here they are:


The design of the graphic is manageable and not very appealing to the eyes. The design is very simple and sober which can make the reader give an attempt to read it. If a reader is looking for such information then it is likely that he/she will give some attention to it.


Words have been used in excess. Though there are diagrammatic representations too. But the overall effect of the graphic makes it look wordy. And this is a negative side to it as everyone does not want to dive into words easily.

Easy on eyes:

The light colors used make it very pleasant to the eyes. However, the colors are hidden due to the small amount of space the graphic covers.


The length of the graphic is indeed making it look longer and the fonts small. It will take an ardent reader to notice it. Not everyone will be willing to go into the details due to exceeding length with respect to the breadth of the graphic.


One can see that the features of the type of van are put into small words whereas the price flashes big. This will push the readers away at the first sight if they find the price irrelevant. The other features will be ignored by the readers then.

Overall Analysis:

All these are the points that make the graphic a not so good and not so bad one. It is a good attempt but the creator will not be able to attract way too much rush towards its graphic. Also, we have noticed some uneven length. This would make it a not so likely readable article as the words are used in abundance.

info graphics about vans for careers

Source: vanmonster.com