Top SEO trends from Past, Present & Future

If you’re confused about which route to take in order to give your start up business a boost, it’s a great idea to look at which SEOs have been trending high in the last decade. Looking closely at SEO trending helps Google has a reputation of overthrowing all known SEO rankings several times a year.

Website owners therefore must be a keen observer of changing trends and the Infographic tells them exactly how to go about it. Bold, white lettering on a bright backgrounds works well to remind that it pays to observe changes of the past, present and future; an advice which any sound minded business owner will follow.

The Infographic depicts that its purpose is none other than identifying top SEO trends of the market. Drawing an inference to the concept of time travel, the design stresses on the importance of delving into the past and future to get complete understanding of market trends. Using smart visuals like the speeding car, the Infographic pointedly reminds us that it is important to rush with the times in order to stay ahead of competitors.

It takes us back to the 90s to show us what the market was used to at that time and then propels us ahead into the 20th century where the SEO scene changed widely, giving access to Inbound Link Generation. The later years of the 20th century show how the content searched for changed drastically, giving way to more entertaining items like music, movies, news and pictures. Shifting focus to the recent past, the Infographic uses images that help us differentiate between personalization and privacy, while helping us understand that modern SEO trending is based largely on mobile devices.

Since no SEO trending is complete without a reference to the future, the concluding section of the Infographic uses visuals of a niche market where customers will have access to smart, wearable gadgets, enabling them to instant notifications about products and solutions they are looking for. The growing influence of social media and voice enabled search are also referred to, to help the new business owner realize the importance of voice enabled search and other upgrades which will catapult their business miles ahead of the others.

At the bottom it successfully stays with the reader because of its smart use of the visual of Doc Brown and his time machine. After leading us into the future, the Infographic deftly uses phrases stressing the importance of developing new and innovative content, in addition to targeting newer channels. After all, the key to owning a successful SEO ranking is to build something which will be capable of holding the customer’s attention.

Infographic about SEO trends