Tips & Tricks for Corporate Video Creation

To match this very formal topic, the colors are professionally selected. The blue color and shades of gray give the infographic a very appealing look and the hints of pink and green give the eyes a fun twist when reading through. The topic is clear and to the point; readers can easily tell that they will be getting tips to put together a good corporate video that gives results. Considering that video is very popular today, it is a presentation any business would choose to go through to get a quick look at what matters when creating a corporate video for whatever purpose including marketing.

After the title the presentation goes straight into the tips which also make the sections. They are tiered differently, creating some interesting visual appeal to the entire display. The different levels in the sections make it somehow fun to read what the sections carry and they eliminate any monotony that would have been experienced. The colors are well shared between the subtitles, but the detail fonts remain white. Their size is a little too small for comfortable reading, especially when you are too close to your screen. Bigger fonts would probably correct this small reading challenge.

The images selected for this infographic are simple, but professional and therefore work very well for it. Surprisingly the presentation does no end up with the five tips, there is another section offering corporate solutions. This section may not seem as part of the presentation, but it might just work for readers who want to enjoy corporate video solutions without any further ado. Because the same colors are used in this section, it in the end does work as part of the video tips offered. After reading the tips, the reader is able to decide whether to give it a go or get assistance for the best results.

awesome data visualization about corporate video