Tips to Implementing a Shared Services Model

This document looks more like a technical piece of work at first glance.

The design is apt and looks more welcoming to a normal reader. The content might look miniaturized at first glance, but it could be dealt with further on into reading.

The heading is quite acceptable, fine piece of designing together with perfect size and visibility. This one catches the attention of readers well enough. Further, in the document explains the topic with various design elements and techniques which are all quite acceptable.

The two dimensional graphics used here and there throughout the text help the user to gain a clear understanding of the text.

The layout of the page is easy for navigation. There is a definite flow of logic from top to bottom that helps the reader understand the text easily and continue further after each section with clear understanding.

A slight mishap towards the bottom is the placing of an image in the background towards the end. This impacts visibility of the text on the page. It could have been placed elsewhere where both the picture and the content could be easily viewed and both elements could have made more meaning to the reader.

The colors used here are predominantly blue based with a tinge of gray about here and there. This serves greatly for a technical paper as it deeply resembles the many shades of blue that you would observe in IT related sectors.

Overall, this is a great technical paper with absolute, perfect color schemes integrated with smooth and clean illustrations and or graphics. The content is quite satisfactory and perfectly placed and the layout all across the page is really easy for readers to navigate through. This makes this work a smooth and perfect piece of an infographic.

shared services model infographic