Tips and Tricks to Optimize Amazon Listings

This is a stunning piece of an infographic that uses its colors and color template to keep the post on top. The colors are absolutely vibrant and it looks really interesting even without having gone through what its contents are. This here is hats off to the designing.

The heading could have stood out more strongly, but the colors itself would bring this to notice soon enough so that couldn’t be blamed.

One drawback, however, is the usage of a pink shade of font color for the heading and description. This throws it off a bit as it could look too colorful or just too much or maybe that’s just me.

The background is a combination of yellow shade on top of which is placed another white container.

Horizontal pads line the container from top to bottom with a small slant and some other embellishments that make it look like a ribbon winding its way down. Each pad with a different color, this is a total vibrant piece of work.

The design is very simple yet effective. The illustrations and artwork used throughout the document look really neat and simple and totally easy to understand at one glance what the content beside is trying to go for. This is excellent work on the design.

The layout, design, color, and illustration alone just makes this document something to look at and something that looks really pleasing.

The content has also been detailed in a neat and compact font that does not look so disturbing what with all those colors doing its thing so neatly.

Overall, this is a great piece of an infographic that really does the trick in captivating attention. The content is really easy to navigate across, simple to understand and comprehend and pleasing from the overall point of view.

amazon listing optimization infographic