Things People Say About Manufacturing that are not Real

The info graphic is easy to grasp, less in content and more in terms of diagrammatic representation. It provides the points in chunks. This can make the readers stay tuned for the next points coming in the series.


Talking about the design aspects, it is more of a visual aid than a perfect informer. The space available is used just for the sake of creating curiosity. However, a lot could have been executed instead of using pictures and just facts in it. The creator is at fault as it is more of a picture than information provider.


Words are used in very less quantity here. The graphic is filled 40% with words on a look. This can make it indulging but the interest to read more about it will not be inculcated.


As the words are not used, the font used is also limited. The creator has made emphasis on making the Heading look catchy and the skill is apparent but the follow up is not that impressive as it could have been.


So much could have been done with the space available as a square shape is very approachable and people are more likely to notice it. The graphic lacks that intellect in making it look outstanding.

Easy on eyes:

The graphic is easy on eyes as the words are not so much and the pictorial representation makes it a very good graphic.

Overall Analysis:

The graphic is good from the point of view of being presentable, usage of pictures and easy to grasp information. On the other side, the graphic provides less information, the usage of space is not proper. It will invite traffic but it is highly unlikely that people would turn in to the website and search for the brand.

interesting data visualization about manufacturing myths