These are the Top Company Cars in 2020

This infographic provides information about the best company cars. It particularly presents the top six company cars for 2020, as they were identified by, providing photographs of the car models and some key information for the reader to compare.

At the top, one can find an eye-catching title, which suggests that a list of the best will follow but, however, does not give many details about the subject that is presented. Right afterwards, the company cars under discussion are presented in six different “Top Trumps” style cards. In each one of the cards, one can find a photograph of the presented car model, its name and category, its list price, its fuel consumption in miles per gallon, its top speed, its CO2 emissions and its BiK tax.

The selection of this format creates an amusing tone, and allows for the readers to quickly and easily get through all the information that might interest them, simply by scrolling down. However, it is possible that the reader will fully understand the topic under discussion only after reading the title under the six “Top Trumps” style cards, as well as the text given at the bottom. The fact that the specific text is rather big might discourage the reader to go through the whole infographic. The use of some more space between the paragraphs as well as some embellishing elements – such as a dollar pictogram next to the part where the “benefit in kind” (BiK) tax is explained – could improve the specific part and make it friendlier to the eye. However, the overall format is good and the use of the “Top Trumps” style cards for the presentation of the cars proves to be clever, as it helps the reader easily compare the different characteristics of the cars.

infographic about the top company cars