The 5 Biggest GDPR Fines to Date

According to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), any firm that does not handle the personal data of their customers properly could be faced with a fine equal to 4% of its global turnover for the preceding financial year. And this infographic aims at presenting the five biggest fines imposed to non-compliant companies in the European Union and the European Economic Area so far.

An eye-catching and easy-to-read title at the top presents the subject. Right below, one can find a short definition of GDPR in capital letters. The three short explanatory paragraphs that follow help the reader further understand the topic under discussion.

The list of the five biggest GDPR fines to date starts right underneath and they are introduced in a descending order. All of them are presented inside a dark blue frame that stands out from the background.

Each one of the fines is introduced with a title clearly stating the name of the company and the amount of money paid. A line separates the title from the short explanatory text that follows. Next to this text one can find the logo of the specific company.

At the bottom, one can find another frame with a list of some other companies that have fallen foul of the regulators for committing GDPR violations.

The reader-friendly design and the straight-forward layout of the infographic allow for the one to quickly and easily navigate through the information that is presented. All it takes is having a glance at the title at the top, the logos of the non-compliant companies and the corresponding amount of money paid.

infographic about the five biggest GDPR fines to date