Surveying CCOs About Measurement

The most notable feature of this infographic is the striking combination is black and sky blue colors, creating a professional fun look to the display. The black is shiny, almost metallic and works magic to the entire presentation. The white fonts keep that professional look and look very good against the blue and black. The blue color is spread carefully so it does not overwhelm the presentation however vivid it is.  It is true to say that the colors make the display a win even before reading.

This is a six section presentation and with the colors used alternately on them makes it easy to tell the beginning and end of each section. The titles are of course larger in font size than the texts that follow them so telling the sections apart is still easy even without the colors. Still, on font sizes, a good size has been selected, so it is quite easy to read without straining. The spacing is well balanced hence the display does not appear too crowded at any given point.

Considering that this a survey report, percentages take centre stage, but they are done in such a way that they do not make readers lose interest. The background on the first section of the infographic is a must mention. It is an image of individuals seated around a table, obviously researching or putting together the survey report. This is very creative and works for the topic at hand.

On the content of the infographic, CCOs would find it very helpful and so are companies thinking about growing their businesses by keeping track of key performance indicators and using them to tell their progress. It is a presentation that contains a lot of important information for businesses without becoming too complex of overwhelming for the readers.

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