How the Successful Amazon Sellers Are

Yet another impressive infographic to be reviewed! This design has all the elements in the right proportion. The layout is great and so are the fonts, colours, graphics and illustrations.

Let me begin with the layout. It is very easy to read and follow. All the data has been divided elegantly which prevents the cluttering. The message is presented in a hierarchy which is the most important thing to consider while creating info graphs.

The designer has not experimented with too many colours and has used the popular white text on black background. A black background always makes a design pop-out and it has done great justice to this design. And to prevent monotony in the design there are suitable pictures placed in the background.

You can see that the design has displayed lots of information but it does not make it stuffy because of the ample space provided in the work. Space is very important while designing infographs. There are lots of good Infographics which turned out to be a let-down because of the lack of space. But this one is different.

The fonts differ in the size. The title and the sub-heads are in bigger fonts. The font style is the same and that is quite impressive. However, the crunching of the texts at certain places doesn’t look good. Apart from this little flaw there is nothing negative about the fonts.

The graphics and the illustrations make the design pop-out. Although the number of graphics is less the designer has used very suitable and simple designs. The background pictures are plenty which is why the minimal use of illustrations is a smart choice.

This piece is interesting and does justice to the theme. It is a simple design with proper layout and plenty if space.

Infograf about amazon sellers