Stats and Facts About Local Search Marketing

The warm yellow color dominating this infographic makes it very interesting and appealing to read. The title is creatively done with the word marketing done in large fonts so readers know it is all about marketing. It is, without doubt, a topic that will interest marketers and businesses coming up with marketing strategies for their brands. The loudspeaker image on the topic is relevant considering that marketing is all about creating awareness. There are so many other small images and icons around the title and even though most of them do not seem to have a direct link to the topic they sure do add some visual appeal.

This is a short display with four brief sections. The yellow color is alternated with white to clearly distinguish the sections. By just looking at the display is it clear that it will be all about numbers and percentages. The first three sections are subdivided into three subsections bordered by broken lines hence you can tell one from the other. They each also contain a percentage, image and a text line offering the backup details. There seems to be a great balance between all three and the flow is therefore present. Any reader would have an easy time reading through the brief but well-detailed sections.

The last section of the infographic offers the same kind of details on the topic, but is structured to match the topic area; there are no subsections here. It, therefore, manages to mark the end of the presentation in the same way the topic area managed to mark the beginning of the display. It is, without doubt, a presentation designed to give a quick highlight into local search marketing so interested readers can make the right choices when creating marketing strategies bound to bring good results.

infographi about local seo