Small Business Owner Tax Survey

The infographic is targeted at business firms; it has a very corporate appeal and can be comprehended very easily, thanks to very less cluttering. Intelligent layout and use of content makes the infographic brilliant and catchy. Here is a look at its key features.

The colors – The designer has made limited use of colors, with black being the most dominant shade. The combination of black and white gives the perception of a blackboard. Another prominent color is sea green; it livens up the entire infographic without blinding the eye. All the colors used in this infographic create a corporate and business environment. The prominence of black and white color code may also be to send a hidden message that your taxes should be clear (in black and white!).

Fonts – Majority of the fonts are in white and the designer has stuck to the use of limited font styles. However, the important details have been arranged in larger font sizes, this makes it easy for us to understand the infographic with a single glance. The survey results have also been written in attractive fonts which are very readable and visually appealing.

Graphics – The graphics are limited, but the ones present are very suitable for infographic. Wish there were some for graphic elements present in the design. However, wide pictures have been used to break the monotony of texts and to make the infographic catchier.

Layout – As you can see the topic is cleared placed on the top making it comfortable for the viewer. It is followed by a clear picture. Then you find the survey details arranged neatly. At the bottom left the logo and the company details are provided, this is again a brilliant placement, because all readers note the bottom left area. There is proper hierarchy is setting the information which makes this a winning design.

Infographic tax survey