SEO Resolutions Checklist for 2018

The info graphic ‘My 6 search resolutions for 2018’ is an information provider of search engine optimization and takes you through the recent developments undertaken to differentiate between good and bad websites. It talks about the needs of the user and presentation of data which caters to the needs of the searchers. Guiding you through the 6 points it is written on a colored background with the details of research carried out in relation to the points addressed. It talks about the changes in scrutinizing the sites by Google. It talks about the rules set by Google search engine and does not mention any other search engine. So if you are using Mozilla Firefox, UC Browser or Internet Explorer then this information might not help you in making correct conclusions about search engine optimization.

The overall look of the infographic is quite satisfying and helps you to understand the points through relevant pictures attached along with it. The background colors are light which enables reading friendly aesthetics. A person suffering from color blindness might have issues reading the article, but that is rare in this case. The content and the information provided is purely the opinion of the writer, Ryan Mackellar, who is an internet marketer. Though the views are supported by facts, the onus of taking that advice or rejecting it is completely on the reader. The writer also mentions the site address for readers interested in going through other articles written by the writer.

The overall analysis is that the content is readable, well presented and backed by recent facts which shows that efforts are put in by the writer. The reliability of it increases as the writer is a well-renowned SEO expert and provides unbiased suggestions useful for society at large.

inforgraphic about search resolutions