Should SEO be Outsourced or In-House?

This image looks absolutely fantastic, it catches the attention of the reader. When you look at the Apple PC, keyboard and mouse, what goes into you mind is something to do with internet. The design is not only simple, but also catchy.

The content is also straight forward as one can read and understand what the information is all about. Words have been written clearly and you can read them even from very far.

There are a number of colors in this piece but the main colors that the designer used is black and white. These colors have spread out throughout the design to create an appealing yet professional look, there are no extremes.

There is also an image of a person with the focus on the hands to indicate how serious and focused the individual is on what he is doing. This shows how serious in house SEO is. The use of a variety of images throughout the design. This eliminates monotony.

There is the use of glasses, people and signs. All these send a message about the design quickly to the audience. Words are normally blurred in most pieces, but in this one, they have been tailored in such a way a person will quickly become interested with what is being conveyed

In addition, each sub topic has its own image that describes what that particular segment is in a nutshell.

One can also clearly see many words have been stuffed here, but what is interesting is that these words don’t interfere with the image itself, in fact they add a lot of value to those who might care to read. However, those who are in a hurry and have no time to read, the infographic are laid out in a way that one can get the intended message.

infograpics about outsourcing SEOSource: