Resimercial is the New Design Trend for Offices

The infographic conveys to the reader some reason to go residential commercial for office designs.

The layout of the page is quite simple. It has got a lot of Textual elements throughout the document with a little interaction from the visual image side. The header starts it straight off with a small description of what the meanings are. Further on is a list of five reasons. Beyond this is the elaboration of each of the five reasons.

The content seems to be basically dominant throughout the page with less regard for visual emphasis to each point. There are images used with more text in it. To some extent, these images provide for good thought and have been edited and adjusted quite well enough to give the reader some thought about the topic. There are figures and numbers that are highlighted in the imagery that also help to spread the awareness of how significant the idea is.

The design is really simple and keeps it technical looking. With a dash of screen blue all around the place for coloring and white and blanched white for backgrounds, this is a perfect technical piece of read.

The images used are of good quality and it suits the article in a weird way. Although there could have been more visual factors on this page, further reading says otherwise.

Overall, this is quite a simple piece of work perfected with equally simple design elements and perfect imaging techniques. The content takes away the limelight as it steals into every aspect of attention, but the fact is that content alone is not the objective of an infographic. With this in mind, the designing and images together do a good deal to par with that balance. Whether that has worked out well or not although depends on the kind of reader.