How Poor Diversity in Leadership Affects Companies

This work discusses a very crucial subject — leadership obstacles — in the most interesting manner. Without using any vibrant colours, the designers have very well attempted to present the thoughts behind the topic. The creative team has in fact utilised minimal colours — grey and white — to be precise, bringing out the sensitivity and seriousness of the subject being discussed.

Quick visual learners would easily understand what is being conveyed through the various art forms in this infographic. The first part of the presentation reveals the primary topic which is being displayed in a larger font to grab attention. Next comes the detailed description of the subject which narrows down more information for the readers.

The best and most neatly designed part is the diagram that extensively explains the title of the story. An overview of the diagram suggests some really important figures that are balanced by facts next to them. This diagram is very eye friendly and reader friendly. It has been designed in a very uncomplicated manner thus it is very easy to understand and grasp, too.

Some picture arts are also used that suffice all the valid information related to the topic being discussed. There are four different sections under this graph that are backed by some statistics as well. Each symbol next to the figures is self-explanatory. The font utilised in making this entire infographic is very smart and professional.

Last but certainly not the least; the designers have appropriately given more emphasis to this diagram than anything else in order to grab eyeballs to the right kind of content. However, they might just need to reconsider the usage of colours to make the presentation richer.

data visualization graphics about leadership