Photography and the COVID-19 Pandemic

This infographic aims at suggesting that photography is strong even during the times of the pandemic. Moreover, it presents the ways a photographer can overpower the pandemic.

At the top of the artwork, one can find a big “Lens vs Virus” title in bold, capital letters, which introduces the subject. On the left side of the title, the reader can see an image of a photographer holding a camera. On the right side, one can find an image for the COVID-19 virus. The photographer’s posture in the first image suggests that photography is stronger than the virus.

The section below the title is about the strength of photography. An image of a photographer with his arms crossed, which suggests the idea that photography is strong, is carefully placed in the middle. Around the image, the reader can find three motivational messages that further support this idea.

The next section right underneath is about how a photographer can overpower the COVID-19 pandemic with the power of their lens. The reader can find six suggested ways to do so, presented one under the other. For each one of them one can see an image in the center, and a title and a short description on the left and right side. The titles and descriptions are carefully placed alternately, which adds to the section’s readability.

The easy-to-read fonts that are used throughout, combined with the various elements, images and free spaces make the artwork friendly to the eye of the reader.   

In conclusion, the simple yet attractive layout and the overall look-and-feel help the reader easily navigate through the information that is presented. Furthermore, the infographic succeeds in reassuring photographers that their profession is strong even in times of coronavirus and it inspires a feeling of confidence.

infographic about photography and the covid pandemic