What are the Perks of Having a Serviced Office?

The infographic clearly explains why one can go for a service office rather than traditional office space. Even though the information presented is minimum, still, the template and the color combination looks attractive. As the details are presented in a single page but in two halves, it does look standard but somewhat compressed.

For certain users, a compressed information might be difficult to read and comprehend. Rather than that, if the details were in horizontal order where one information follows another, it might look more standardized and interesting to read. Besides providing all the necessary advantages of having a service office space, still, there could be one or more paragraph stating the disadvantages of having one.

With regard to the color, the infographic can be more attractive if brighter and elegant colors were used. Dark purple and white indeed looks astonishing, still light blue mixed with baby pink or yellow mixed with brown would create a more professional and elegant look, something which will hold the interest of the person who reads.

Now even though the information presented is brisk and short, although more information can be added about what kind of charges are applicable, the name of certain service office providers, etc which would have been quite advantageous. It will easily induce the readers to know whether such services exist and if they are economic.  Finally, a more standard and elegant font can be used which easily specifies the required information and bold and italics could have made the required information to stand out.data visualization graphics about serviced office

Source: londonoffices.com