On Page SEO Tips that Work in 2016

Search engine optimization has been one of the hot topics of discussion for several years now and with regular updates in search engine policy, people do want to stay updated. This infographic provides valuable information related to on page SEO in 2016.

Design – The main aim of this piece to attract the attention of the readers to the info provided about the trends of on page SEO in 2016 and the design surely does that. It is not preppy or flashy, but it sure does attract attention. Though not many components have used in this info graph, yet whatever designs have been used make it look professional as well as attractive. So, everyone can read it, whether he/she is really interested in SEO or just wants to have something useful to read.

Presentation – The presentation is very professional, and there is no cluttering. The creators have briefly explained what actually matters and what doesn’t in on page SEO in the present situation. Very few images have been used with the information to make it easier for the reader to understand. Completely methodical and organized. The entire piece is divided into three sections – what doesn’t matter much, what does and additional notes.

Structure – The regular rectangular structure has been used here. Given the information it offers, the infographix can be easily used in general websites, infotainment blogs/sites, forums, groups or communities that deal with SEO and for regular sharing on social media.

Color – Only a few basic colors have been used throughout this graphic chart that has a white background. The text is mostly in black, and the main points are highlighted in blue or orange for easy reading. No use of bright colors to attract the attention of one and all. Simple, minimalist color use and presentation for the best effects.

onpage optimization informational graphic

Source: getclicks.com.my