Office Cafeterias and Employee Relations

This graph talks about how a company cafeteria improves employee relations and is featured in a red and green combination of colours. Since it is related to food the colour red has been used. This is a very descriptive graph enriched with graphics, stylish fonts and interesting colour schemes.

It is very attractive – The chart is in the form of a menu card and the classic red and green combination makes it visually very appealing. It is very easy to go through the data and the audience does not have to deal with any visual noise.

The colour palette is remarkable – Loved the colours used in the chart. The green and red catches the attention of the audience and the pops of bright colours make the graph very appealing.

All the data is displayed in a proper way – There is a lot of data and text added since the infograph has to descriptively talk about how a cafeteria improves employee relations. Each data comes with an interesting illustration which makes it reader-friendly. The graph has all the significant points related to the topic and the illustrations make it very exciting to read.

Its not boring – A lot of graphs have great lengths and junks of text thrown all over it, but this is an exception. It is of the right length which leaves a good impression on the readers.

Space and layout – There is sufficient amount of space in the graph and the layout is also commendable. It is reader-friendly and all the elements are neatly arranged.

Overall this is a good design and contains all the critical data that relates to the topic.

info graphic design about office cafeteria