How Millennials Approach the Lending Market

The different shades of blue used for this infographic make it quite interesting and youthful matching the preferences of the audiences it is talking about. There is obvious consistency in the way the colors are selected and spread throughout the image. Even before enlarging you have an urge to find out what it is about because it is seemingly very well organized. The one thing that is noticeable about this presentation is that it has used images minimally and in place has included information on the topic making it quite informative. This information is spread very well across the presentation making it not only look organized but also very balanced.

The presentation has 7 sections and even though the subtitles for each are not bold and big enough for any kind of reader to tell the difference, the colors are well coordinated hence if you are keen enough you can easily tell the beginning and ending of each of the sections. These sections are probably not designed with very bold titles because some have long sentences for the titles. The approach, however still does work well for the presentation in keeping it looking attractive and balanced.

The views and opinions of the millennials on the topic are presented in percentages and they are clearly displayed. The fonts for this infographic are large enough for easy reading and they are quite friendly to the eyes. They actually manage to maintain the attention of readers from the beginning to the end. The texts are well spaced and therefore the presentation does not look bulky or too busy. Maybe the subtitles would have been highlighted a little more, but the approach of the design still does work in differentiating them for a reader who is keen enough.

infographs about millenials