Measurement of Influencer Marketing Efforts

The beautiful sky blue color and green colors used in this infographic attract the eyes and make the entire presentation look very appealing and professional. The display is largely percent based but the sizes have been done in such a way that they remain clear without necessarily making the page look too busy. The two colors alternate from section to section, thus creating a very good flow from beginning to end. There are very few and small images included and this only shows that it is a presentation carrying important and serious details.

The font sizes are carefully selected and are all easy to read. Of course, different sizes are used for the subtitles and the percentage details. Considering that most of the information is broken down into percentages, it is a presentation you can quickly read through and still capture most important details regarding influencer marketing. Readers can quickly see what the people involved in the survey has to say about this type of marketing so by the time they reach the end of the presentation they would have decided whether it is a marketing type they wish to try or not.

The small simple images used add some appeal to the infographic without overwhelming it in any kind of way. They do not interfere with how professional the presentation looks, although they lack the direct relation with the subtitles they represent; you only see the relationship after you have read and decoded details in the sections.

Generally, it is a presentation that gives a quick sneak peek at what readers can expect when working with influencers so they can make their choices in relation to the percentages. The presentation does, in the end, serve the purpose for those seriously considering influencer marketing into their marketing strategy.

influencer marketing infogrphics