What to Know About INC 5000 Fastest-Growing Companies

This infographic talks about the fastest growing companies in the US and the title being in large fonts eliminates chances of being confused about what it is all about. Also noticeable is that the title has been highlighted in yellow which makes it stand out so everyone looking at the presentation is able to grasp what it is all about. It is, however a narrow presentation that does not immediately catch the eye; they are tempted to scroll down trying to make out the display. But the possibility of zooming clears this easily and I guess it also depends on what screen standards you open the presentation with that determines the size you get to see first.

Overall the presentation is well organized and it is not that hard to see the segments. The subtitles are in dull red color which is very comfortable for the eyes, whereas the bar charts are in blue a color that is also very cool to the eyes. The color coding makes it very easy for a reader to go through and actually read the presentation without struggling. It is strategically done to clear out the different parts of the infographic. This presentation has three sections starting with the fastest growing industries presented in percentages. The section makes a good insight for especially for those who could be thinking about going into business because they can clearly see what industries are doing great. Each industry takes a big percentage chunk, but the travel and hospitality industry takes the day followed by media, energy, security and real estate in that order.

The presentation proceeds to the fastest growing states and cities after the industries. The most outstanding thing about this section is that it has been divided into two so there is a clear variation between the states and the cities. Looking at the maps presenting the states and cities in the first instance does not give a clear highlight unless you are very familiar with them. You may need to enlarge the images to see them and the company numbers for each. But the designer once again deals with this little setback by also including a list of the states and cities according to their positions right under the maps. This way, even a person, not very familiar with the USA map has an easier time knowing what cities and states are fastest growing.

According to this presentation, California, Texas, Florida, New York, and Virginia are the fastest growing states in that order. As for the cities, the top five are New York City, Washington DC, Los Angeles, Chicago, and Atlanta in that order. This is yet another very helpful part of the presentation, especially for investors because they can clearly see the best states and cities to target and coupled with the industry section at the very top, it is easy to decide which way to go with the desired business.

The highest total revenue is the last section of this image. Unlike the bar chart on industries that tackles the results according to their percentages starting from the biggest to the smallest, the chart on this last segment goes according to the respective areas highlighted and not necessarily the biggest revenue collector to the smallest. But because the number of dollars for each is clearly indicated and the bars easily tell which one is more prominent, it is not that difficult to say it out. However, it takes enlarging or zooming out to clearly see the titles on each of the bars. The presentation of this section is a bit tight to the eyes to see all the details even if the images in the areas of revenue are also included.

Upon enlarging or zooming, it can be seen that health insurance management, supply chain management and logistics services, human resources, recruitment and staffing, the government IT service and used car dealer and finance company are the top areas in that order when it comes to revenue. Below these bars are the relevant companies are displayed to match the services they provide. It is indeed a big advantage for the mentioned companies as far as marketing for their services go. As for the reader, it is easy to see the companies and probably even consider getting the services.

In summary, it is correct to say that the colors may be limited, but they do serve the purpose of keeping the presentation readable and comfortable for the eyes. The images and icons included in this presentation are quite relevant and expressive in their own way. Some may be a little too tiny but they do make sense once they are enlarged. As for the bar charts, what they represent is clear and easy to grasp making them also relevant for the images. Every detail on the infographic is well spaced and organized; there is actually no space that has been left unused. The segments are designed and spaced well, so there is maximum use of the available space without necessarily leaving it looking cluttered and too busy for the eyes. Of course, this means making some of the presentations smaller than others, but at the end of the day, everything in the presentation works in perfect harmony.

It is in order to say that this presentation is simple but very detailed. For a person looking for a quick insight on the fastest growing companies in the US, this presentation serves that purpose in the best possible way. It gives direction in every important aspect and in a flash any investor would know what industries are top, the states, and cities that are moving fast in these industries and even the top competition in terms of companies bringing in higher revenue. There is basically something for everyone wishing to find out about the fastest growing companies, regardless of how they intend to use the information gathered. The design serves the purposes and the few irritations are easy to manage and get over.

inforgraphs about fastest growing companiesSource: best4businesses.com