Insights about Shopping Habits During Holidays

Vacation time means holidaying at different places, whether national or international. It is the best time to discover and explore new places.  And when it is about holidaying, shopping can’t be ruled out, where both the genders have different preferences and choices. This is what the infographic here highlights; it gives the facts and figures about shopping habits in regards to both men and women, when they are out on a holiday.

Look & Feel

The image here mostly uses numbers to denote that stats concerning shopping habits in men and women when on a holiday. There is a nice use of colors that come very soothing to eyes when reading the texts. It has been divided into three sections which follow the similar design pattern. The texts have been placed in a structured manner around the numbers. In totality, the design is up to the mark and completely compliments the theme behind.


To highlight the holiday habits in men and women during holiday, the infographic has mostly made use of statistic facts in the form of different numbers. The entire image is broken down into three major parts which include the planning, time invested in shopping and the actual spending done by both the genders. The numbers are easier to understand and quicker to comprehend too because of which they stand out as self-explanatory. The categorization and use of numbers is quite impressive, and the image does succeed in educating market researchers of the shopping habits as displayed by both genders.


Infographic is all about putting across useful information either in an easy to understand manner. And this image does that with perfection. As it majorly uses numbers and figures to prove the fact, it is quite easy to decipher. From design to content, and the structure – everything goes perfect here.

information graphics about shopping habits