Influence of Color in Consumer Behavior

Ads are the best tool for any business’ promotion – be it online or offline. However, most businesses tend to neglect the importance of colors as used in the ads. This infographic highlights how color has an influence on your target user’s behavior, and how it can trigger a purchase; it’s something all advertising companies would find valuable.

Design & Layout

As the image itself talks about the influence of colors in consumer behavior, it has perfectly used different colors to put across the points in an organized manner. There is ample use of different hues, photos and texts. The color combination has been presented very nicely, and the text is also structured in a comprehendible manner. Important points and sections have been highlighted in BOLD; this makes it easier to read the text in flow. Overall, the design and layout has been structured in an appealing manner.


The content section is divided into sub categories where each section puts across useful information about the use of colors in ads. The content addresses things like effect of colors in one’s purchasing decisions, how ads can use specific colors to alter user perception, the association of positive and negative colors; and symbolization of each color, and how different color combination tends to influence buyer moods and emotions. Then there is information about the impact of single colors in ads, and some of the favorite colors in American buyer market. From the content point, the image has gathered all necessary information in regards to color and its impact on ads.


Overall the infographic presents the information in a presentable way, while also highlighting the useful information. It covers the needed points in regards to ad making with color as the focus point – which apparently has a huge impact on consumer behavior.

infogrpahic color in consumer behavior