How To Properly Launch Your Startup

This infographic aims at presenting some helpful tips on how to properly launch a startup.

According to it, there are four things one should take care of; prepare for any drawbacks, find the right team, secure appropriate funding and make a business plan.

Let’s have a closer look at the artwork’s design, layout and readability.


The design is definitely fresh and modern. Only three main colors are used throughout; black, white and pink. And this gives a fresh, minimal touch to the artwork.


At the center, the reader can see an eye-catching image of a pink rocket. This image cleverly represents the startup being ready for launch.

The four tips on how to properly launch a startup are presented above and below this rocket image, as well as at the right and left side of it. Each of them is connected to the image with a pink dashed line.

Each one of these tips is introduced with a heading in bold letters. Right underneath, there is a short paragraph with no more than two sentences, which give more details on the certain tip.


The fonts that are used throughout are easy-to-read and add to the artwork’s modern look and feel.

The fact that all texts are carefully placed on a contrasting background makes the artwork friendly to the eye of the reader.

At the same time, the clever structure, the headings in bold letters and the blank spaces that are carefully left in-between boost the artwork’s readability and encourage the reader to have a closer look.

Final Thoughts

The infographic’s creator has managed to provide some useful information in a way that is appealing and allows for the reader to quickly get informed.

infographic on how to properly launch a startup