How to Prepare a Remarketing Campaign

Business doesn’t flourish overnight and it doesn’t continue to be a success unless one regularly stays in touch with existing customers. How does one make sure to make customers keep coming back or attract new customers? The answer lies in remarketing; a technique which is now being used extensively to place targeted ads before a defined audience group that had visited a website before. Since remarketing ads are now being delivered in text and image display formats, a closer look at the infograph will tell us what gives when it comes to explaining the concept.

As in all successful infographics, the use of black and white has been prudently placed to draw attention to remarketing and the subsequent steps to preparing the remarketing campaign. The first section draws attention to buyers’ actions on a website and the bulleted list serves as a checklist to help business owners identify the actions a visitor is likely to perform on their website. The list is laid out in a way that it serves as a clear reminder to anyone who isn’t quite sure of why visitors may drop in to their website.

The 2nd section draws attention to how the actions can be funnelled to a more comprehensive list which eventually helps in finalising the number of ads. Then bright yellow post aid effectively serves to remind that a single action may appear under different groups, thereby enhancing the scope of generating more ads and eventually more business.

The 3rd section draws attention to the significance of generating unique advertisements for each group as one size doesn’t fit all. the bold colour scheme of the boxes stating free trial, upgrade now and find out more is just another way of drawing customers into areas they are more interested in, generating more traffic and eventually more business.

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