How to Exhibit on a Budget

The infographic is about business exhibitions. It introduces the fact that attending exhibitions is costly. And it presents some helpful tips on how to exhibit without a big marketing budget.


In a few words, the artwork’s design is simple and modern. It consists of fonts, images and other elements that give it a fresh look-and-feel.

The basic colors that are used throughout are blue, white and light blue. These 3 colors add a more serious or business-related touch to the artwork.


The layout is pretty straight-forward. The top part includes a big title that introduces the subject. Under the title, the reader can find to short paragraphs that explain the subject in more detail.

A white horizontal line with an eye-catching image of a group of professionals separates the top part from the part that follows.

There, one can find 4 tips on how to exhibit on a budget. They are presented on both sides of a vertical line, with one being placed a little lower than the previous one. All tips are introduced with an eye-catching heading, a short description inside a frame and a relevant embellishing image.


The artwork’s color palette is friendly to the eye of the reader. At the same time, the fonts that are used throughout are easy-to-read.

Furthermore, the eye-catching headings, the straight-forward layout and the blank spaces between the several elements further boost its readability.


The infographic’s design encourages the reader to have a closer look. Moreover, it succeeds in providing the required information in a simple yet efficient way, allowing for the reader to quickly and easily access it.

infographic about ways to exhibit on a budget