How to Dress for an Interview? Read these Tips

The following infographic is a very elegant, simple yet effective one to attract the attention of the reader. The multiple shades of blue background throughout the page are soothing to eyes and enough to hint the reader that the there is something formal going to unfold. The heading is direct and clear, indicating the idea at once. It doesn’t let the reader wonder about the upcoming details. The font style in white is not regular rather a creative one. There are two lines about Interview attire below the main heading making the reader clear about why the topic is important.

The page contains six pictures of formal attires and is divided into three categories of dress style to be worn according to the business/firm. The name of the business type is presented in a black rectangle box with dress pictures in white round boxes. The description box is placed on the side of the pictures just to make the topic clear to the readers. The pictures are not bright or too much detailed/complex rather very neutral yet attractive ones.

Finally, the page contains the 10 tips to remember while going for the interview. All the tips are put under 10 rectangular boxes having curved corners. All 10 boxes are laced side by side with 5 on each side (5 on the left and 5 on the right). The background colors of the box are in light and dark blue, which actually matches with the whole professional concept. In the end, the issuing company name has been put into seeking further information on the said topic. 

Overall, this infographic is very stylish, elegant and touches the parameters of a high standard. The overall blue look suits the formal idea and compact yet complete information attracts the reader to have a look.

what to wear for an interview