How Online Videos Have Impacted Businesses in 2022

The shared infographic has some very useful information about what’s hot and what’s not in the world of online videos for businesses in 2022.

Let’s take a closer look.


The layout of this infographic follows the vertical comparison structure, providing a clear side-by-side analysis of two situations. The provided information is split into each individual section with a clear heading on the top introducing the information on the infographic.

Right after the heading you can find two clear subheadings on either side: What’s working? What’s Not? This helps the reader understand that there are two clear messages of the main infographic.

Underneath each subheading you will find data-backed bullets, to present a case for the sub-headings. Each of the bullets are structured in a way that the information on the right side is in comparison with that on the left.


The infographic is designed in a very simplistic manner. The overall design makes it super easy for the reader to understand the key takeaway. The colour theme visually splits the design into the two themes: what’s working for businesses in terms of implementing online videos, and what is not. The used typography and text font makes the overall infographic highly readable.

However, all the vectors used in the design are not in sync with the text, so changing two of them can help clarify the message even further.

Content Structure

The content is straightforward and to the point, just the way infographics should be. The key numbers that should be highlighted to catch the reader’s attention have been included.

The overall layout has broken down that content to increase readability and comprehension, as well as grab attention.

Overall quality

In summary, the infographic is clear and concise, providing just enough information as would be necessary.

infographic about state of online videos for businesses in 2022

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