How COVID-19 has affected delivery businesses

This infographic aims at demonstrating how the pandemic has affected delivery businesses. More specifically it presents the statistics from more than 2.5 million successful deliveries that took place from January to November 2020.


In the first part, the reader can find an eye-catching title that presents the topic under discussion. Next to the title, one can see an embellishing pictogram of a delivery truck.

The next section presents a graph of the monthly average distance per route in comparison with a graph of the number of COVID-19 cases each month. Each graph is introduced with a heading and a relevant pictogram.

In the third section, the reader can see two more graphs compared to the monthly COVID-19 spread. The first one shows the number of routes per company for each month, while the second one shows the orders per route rate.

In the fourth section, the reader can find two graphs comparing the percentage of delivered and not-delivered orders. Once again, there is a title above each graph together with a pictogram. The pictogram in the first case depicts a delivery truck with a check mark in a green round frame, while the one in the second case shows a delivery truck with a cross mark in a red round frame.

The last part presents the percentage of customers who rated the quality of the delivery service compared to the number of COVID-19 cases.


The fact that the information is presented with the use of graphs makes the artwork friendly to the eye of the reader. Moreover, the easy-to-read fonts that are used throughout and the contrasting colors further boost the artwork’s readability.


The infographic allows for the reader to quickly and easily access the included information.

infographic about how covid has affected the delivery businesses