How Bid Search Services Can Help Your Business

This infographic is short and sweet. The fact that it is not lengthy helps in grasping and retaining the attention of the readers. Usually, people who create pieces with an intent get excited over the visual possibilities and end up cluttering the presentation, this does not fall under that bracket. It is short and crisp, effectively structured and is to the point.

Infographics are supposed to be creative representations of important data. The freedom for a creator here is that he or she can use several ideas and put them together to create something fantastic. You are allowed to have characters, effects and interesting color schemes. Here, this particular piece falls short on this factor because it is quite bland. The layout is basic and has nothing much going on inside apart from the boxes with information in them. Nothing pops out or catches the eye.

There are very few images used. The lack of any graphic representations makes this a boring piece. In terms of information as well, there is very little you can obtain from this. There are also hyperlinks attached to this which is redundant because there can be no further action clicking on this. There was no need to have included them.

There are only two colors used in the entire thing. Orange and yellow. It gets boring to the eyes after a while because it is very drab. The boxes in which information text is visible, there has been the use of dialogue boxes which seems totally misplaced. The fonts used are also quite small, making it quite hard to read the contents.

All in all, it is straightforward, but it may have trouble engaging readers because of how plain it is. It does not inspire curiosity nor does it present things in a new manner.

bid search infographic