Findings about Fake Google My Business Listings

This infographic contains some useful findings from a local SEO case study regarding fake Google My Business listings.


The design is modern. It contains several images, pictograms and other elements that give it a fresh look and feel.  

At the same time, the color palette, with dark blue being the main color used throughout, is very appropriate for a business-related subject like this.


The artwork’s structure is simple and allows for the reader to easily navigate through the presented information.

At the top, the reader can find an eye-catching heading which introduces the topic under discussion.

The presentation of the findings from the local SEO case study starts right underneath. One notices that the findings are separated in two different sections.


In the first section, the reader finds out that the average period fake Google My Business listings have been in business is 3 years. 55% of them have been in business for more than 3 years, 33% have been around for more that 5 years and 22% of them for more than 7 years.

The above periods and percentages are introduced with big bold letters and some calendar images.

The second section starts with a frame, which mentions that fake listings have an average of 6 reviews. Right below, one can find some more relevant data. More specifically, 48% of the fake listings have at least 1 review, 25% of them have more than 5 reviews and 35% have a 5-star review rating.

The section about the reviews includes several relevant images, such as rating stars and like buttons.


The infographic succeeds in presenting the findings in a simple, yet efficient manner, which encourages the reader to have a closer look.

infographic with findings about fake google my business listings