Everything you Need to Know About Welcome Emails

A very informative and engaging infographic! The colour combination is very attractive. The use of blue, brown and white makes the design very interesting and catchy. The designer has also used dashes of bright colours in certain areas which makes the infograph very lively. There are also different background colours used which help to section the content.

The texts are all well placed with proper demarcations and categorizations. The use of font styles are limited. There is uniformity in the text although there are differences in font sizes. The headings are in big fonts and the sub-headings are little bigger than the body text.

Space has been given due importance in the chart. Since there is a lot of data included here the use of plenty of space makes the design look less cluttered.

The illustrations are also excellent. These graphic elements help the reader to decipher the message even without going through the entire content. The use of statistic bars helps to highlight the important statistical values.

As mentioned above this is a very informative work with lots of data are included. But the use of different font sizes has helped in preventing crowding. As you can see there are lots of elements in the design but strategic placement has prevented it from looking awkward.

The layout is also flawless. Everything is in a hierarchy. The use of numbers helps viewers to read the graph without getting confused.

This is a very attractive design and has all the areas well taken care of.

emails data visualization graphics

Source: inboxarmy.com